“On Death”

Poem By Andrew J. Hall

Death is defining, maligning the benign and confining,
Depression? An obsession ones concession for possession,
Of life.
The need to live and never die thinking it’s a shame if we never die trying.
But life without death is met with resistance a battlefield of existence.
Nothing’s persistent.
To die is gain in a name I welcome it.
My life I love it
Full of adventure a bottom of the the ninth clencher and I the pinch hitter.
Please do not worry fear or panic for I am not manic.
This is my story of love and devotion
A notion in time
A motion of rhyme,
I cannot find
a better ending.
To seize this life with out pretending to be more than a performance of abhorrent conformance.
To look beyond the veil of the blasé and mundane
And rise like a spire receiving a new name
Coming alive in the fire
To wade through the muck and the mire
Exhausted and tired
With soul now a flame.
I cannot afford the boredom of your decorum
At the cost of my spirit
Let them with eager ears hear it.
Life can be boring
Like a ship at its mooring
There is no measure of pleasure with the leisure of fair weather.
Rather this…
I’d be remiss if my life’s mission was not a position of danger and excitement to defy death until enlightenment.
Out to sea I’d rather be
With waves as high as the heavens
It beckons to put it all on the line just to find
There is no need to hide this smile
All the while to face death without fear
It has become clear..
With death I am ready
My brow is not sweaty my hand ever steady
I do not fear you monsieur
For you, are a connoisseur
Of life
To walk with me down this aisle
I await my trial
To not be beguiled or riled
I sit with a smile
Knowing all the while
My file
Will show a life lived with passion and action with love
No, it’s not death that I fear
Again I urge for it.
But dying while alive this I purge from it.

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