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Andrew Hall

I hope its not too cliché to say that I have been an artist since I was a young kid. Days spent copying what I saw in comic books and from Sunday funnies page, with the occasional “How to draw..” books as presents, gave me a love for drawing. For the most part I am self-taught, not to say I haven’t been inspired or mentored by various artists that I respect and admire.

Although my love for drawing started young it would be nearly two decades before any serious steps were taken to pursue it. Drawing became a thing of doodles and sketches, neither pursuing or growing as an artist. At 18 I joined the NAVY, as thinking the military was my ultimate goal and calling in life. I became a diesel mechanic and a Surface Rescue Swimmer and stationed on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Reuben James.

The Next 6 years of my life would prove frustratingly fruitful as I continuously pursued government and public safety jobs and education. Time and time again finding myself as a square peg in a round hole. I easily succeed in these different fields but found little purpose or motivation in them. I struggled with my calling, having felt for sure each time that the next endeavor would be ‘the one’, the one job that would be my true calling and align my passion, talents, and opportunities.

At the age of 28 I finally realized I hadn’t outgrown my love for drawing, eating at me, relentlessly pursuing me. So I went for it…

Working full time as a firefighter with a wife and newborn son, I started my (our) new chapter pursuing a Degree in Animation. I was hooked. I new this was the field I wanted to be in- Animation, Illustration, those of the sorts. Just something creative. I had ideas up the wa-zoo, but little discipline and understanding how to make them a reality (to be completely forthright this is something I am still learning how to manage.

I finished my animation degree and pretty much immediately began working on my first children’s book, writing and illustrating it. With a print run of 550 and a one on one sales approach, I sold out. During this time I wrote and illustrated my second book, and now (as of mid 2020) I am nearing the end of production on my third one.

Art style wise I try to be fairly eclectic, my upbringing was definitely inspired by 90’s animated series like Batman, X-Men, with later in life cartoons and the more classic UPA style of Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home…etc. I love the art of Joe Kubert, and his son for that matter Adam Kubert, but I think my go to mentor when it comes to creating is Rob Liefeld. I can definitely adapt my art style to whatever it calls for, but I’m not big on anime… sorry! just didn’t grow up on it!

I may have gotten a late start. It may be frustrating, disappointing, and disheartening at times. There is always the lure to go back to the easy comfortable life, things that I know will provide a quiet, simple life- and really there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe one day I’ll end up back there, but not without giving it everything I have inside. Every creative story, every character, every universe will be poured out of me, so no matter what- I will know I gave it my all. I finished strong.

I hope you will be part of this journey with me. Wherever it leads… children’s books, comic books, animation? Wherever, I’m just so stoked to be doing it.

Thank You all for your support and encouragement! I hope you like what I create! Stay tuned there’s so much more to come!

Always Abounding,

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