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I am the Author & Illustrator of the “Bartholomew Babbitt” Childrens book series. My goal is to produce authentic original work that inspires the world, from children's literature to comic books, animations and cartoons. I'd love to connect with you feel free to contact me!

About Me?

It’s a long story… but for your sake I’ll try and keep it short….

It was a dark and stormy night on the Eighth of May in 1987…

haha. Just kidding… but no serious I guess it’s taken me awhile to get to the point of being an artist…professionally, I mean. I’m a self-taught artist trying to learn as much as I can. Creating characters and telling stories are my JAM!

I started drawing as a young kiddo, obsessed with comic books (especially Captain America) and comic strips from the funny pages and trying to duplicate what I saw, and basically never stopped drawing. Try as I might….

Opportunity in Art was never really something I grew up with, and although not looked down on, it wasn’t really a viable career choice, so over the next decade I tried my best to be the all American “Hero”. Military after High school, Police stint after Military, Criminal Justice Degree After Police, then lastly Firefighting for the past 6 years. A job I actually really loved, but couldn’t fully commit to it. Every day I just felt like a square peg in a round hole. I eventually set out and got a degree in Animation (while working) and now after years of searching for my proverbial “place in this world” I found it. I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book, now working on the second…and have no plans to slow down.

I’m now 32 and I think it goes to show that you’re never to old to start something. I just want to inspire imagination and adventure. I want to create original and compelling stories and characters.

I am happily married to my beautiful wife of 8 years, and we have one son-Asher Lee Orion. I am a Christian and believe, that although I am humbled and thankful for all the opportunities in life, I am finally pursuing a path that is in God’s will.

———————————-(Last Update May 18, 2019)———————————-

Location Virginia Beach, VA. E-mail andrewjhallart@outlook.com Hours IG/Twitter @andrewjhallart and FB /andrewjhallartist
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